News • 31-3-2017

Controversies in Lipids – is the role of statins now clear, are there alternatives, and what’s in the pipeline?

EPCCS 2017 Impression of the special invited lecture at the EPCCS CV Summit, given by Professor John Chapman (Paris, France). Read more
News • 30-3-2017

Guidance on changing health behaviours – what is the evidence, what’s recommended, and do I agree?

EPCCS 2017 Impression of the lecture at the EPCCS CV Summit, given by Professor Christi Deaton (Cambridge, UK). Read more
News • 30-3-2017

Live from #EPCCS2017 CV Summit: call for active GP participation

Dublin During the EPCCS CV Summit a pre-session was dedicated to discuss how the European network of GPs with a special interest in CV medicine can be strengthened and how EPCCS can contribute to this process. Read more

Number of major cardiovascular events lower with ARBs than with ACEi

28-3-2017 • Potier L, et al, Heart 2017
Rate of major cardiovascular events was lower in high cardiovascular risk outpatients of the REACH registry on ARBs compared to these on ACEi, particularly in those with established atherosclerosis.   Read more

Triglyceride plus HDL-C level identifies subpopulations at increased risk of CHD or stroke

27-3-2017 • Lee JS, et al, Diabetes Care 2017
High fasting triglyceride levels plus low HDL-C levels were associated with increased risks of incident CHD and ischaemic stroke, particularly in diabetic patients and those with LDL-C ≥130 mg/dL. Read more
News • 22-3-2017

Efficacy of usual care for hypertension enhanced with use of e-counselling tool

ACC 2017 The REACH trial demonstrated that after 12 months of use of an e-counselling programme, hypertensives showed 10 mmHg lower SBP and improvement of other risk factors. Read more
News • 31-3-2017

What do the 2016 ESC Guidelines on cardiovascular risk and elevated lipids say and what are the implications for primary care?

EPCCS 2017 Impression of the lecture at the EPCCS CV Summit, given by dr Carlos Brotons (Barcelona, Spain). Read more
News • 30-3-2017

Controversies in Hypertension – what are the implications of SPRINT in the context of recent treatment trials?

EPCCS 2017 Impression of the special invited lecture at the EPCCS CV Summit, given by Professor Richard McManus (Oxford, UK). Read more

Very low LDL-C levels are safe and effective in high-risk post-ACS patients

29-3-2017 • Giugliano RP, et al. JAMA Cardiol. 2017
LDL-C levels <30 mg/dL at 1 month were associated with a similar safety profile and with numerical reductions in CV events compared with higher LDL-C levels in high-risk post-ACS patients. Read more

Gastrointestinal safety profiles differ among direct oral anticoagulants

28-3-2017 • Abraham NS, et al, Gastroenterology 2017
In a large population-based cohort of AF patients on DOACs, apixaban had most favourable gastrointestinal safety profile among all age groups, and rivaroxaban the least favourable.  Read more
News • 23-3-2017

Statin did not convincingly affect verbal or nonverbal memory function

ACC 2017 First study investigating the effects of statins on the CNS using fMRI, showed few differences between atorvastatin 80 mg and placebo in standardised neuropsychological tests. Read more
News • 22-3-2017

New heart failure agent also reduces HbA1c levels

ACC 2017 In addition to its cardiovascular benefits, the ARNI sacubitril/valsartan also reduces HbA1c levels, compared to enalapril. Read more

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