Interrupting sitting time can improve glucose and insulin metabolism in T2DM

30-1-2017 • Duvivier BM et al., Diabetologia. 2016
Breaking up sitting time by promoting time spent standing and light-intensity walking had a more pronounced beneficial effect on insulin resistance than an exercise regimen. Read more

Risk of VTE cannot be predicted by traditional CVD risk factors

24-1-2017 • Mahmoodi BK, et al, Circulation, 2017
An individual-level data meta-analysis of prospective studies assessed that except for smoking, traditional CVD risk factors were not associated with venous thromboembolism risk. Read more

Inadequate treatment in many post-ACS patients

19-1-2017 • Eisen A et al., J Am Heart Assoc. 2017
In a large, multinational, post-ACS population, most patients were not treated with high-potency statin regimens early and late after the event which is contradictory to protocols. Read more

Weekend sports may suffice to reduce mortality risk

12-1-2017 • O’Donovan G et al., JAMA Intern Med 2017
In a large analysis of 11 population-based cohorts, different physical activity patterns were associated with reduced risks for all-cause-, CVD-, and cancer mortality. Read more

HFpEF patients with diabetes are worse off than are those without diabetes

10-1-2017 • Kristensen SL et al., Circulation 2017
HFpEF patients with diabetes have worse quality of life, higher NT-proBNP levels, more echocardiographic abnormalities and worse outcomes compared with those without diabetes. Read more

Higher risk of developing atrial fibrillation with moderate alcohol consumption

19-12-2016 • Voskoboinik A et al., JACC 2016
The cardioprotective effects attributed to alcohol do not apply to AF, as regular moderate consumption (~7-21 drinks/week), predisposes to AF, with an increase in AF recurrence in those who continue to drink. Read more

Red yeast rice as dietary supplement may yield adverse events similar to statins

25-1-2017 • Mazzanti G et al., Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2017
Surveillance System of Natural Health Products suggests that over half of adverse events, including muscle related and serious reactions, after consumption of RYR had at least a probable causal association. Read more

Platelet reactivity increased in HIV patients with ACS on dual antiplatelet therapy

21-1-2017 • Hauguel-Moreau M et al., Eur Heart Jl 2017
In HIV-ACS patients of the EVERE2ST-HIV study, platelet reactivity and residual platelet reactivity were increased with P2Y12 receptor inhibitors and aspirin, compared to non-HIV ACS patients. Read more
News • 18-1-2017

Substantial increase in high SBP and associated morbidity between 1990 and 2015

A global analysis including over 8 million people revealed an increasing rate of SBP above 110 mmHg between 1990 and 2015, which accounts for an estimated 17.8 million deaths in 2015. Read more

Lower risk of liver injury hospitalisation with DOACs as compared to warfarin

10-1-2017 • Alonso A et al., Heart. 2017
Dabigatran, rivaroxaban and apixaban users were less often associated with liver injury hospitalisation compared to warfarin and several variables could predict this. Read more

Frequency of off-label dosing of NOACs and its consequences

22-12-2016 • Steinberg BA et al., JACC 2016
Many AF patients on NOAC therapy do not receive recommended doses for stroke prevention, and are at increased risk for CV hospitalisation and all-cause mortality. Read more

CVD risk-associated inflammatory markers increased with smoking heaviness

14-12-2016 • King CC, Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, 2017

Inflammatory markers urinary F2:Cr ratio, myeloperoxidase and WBC counts correlated with smoking heaviness. F2:Cr ratio and WBC reduced after cessation. 

Read more

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