More people quit taking statins soon after media debates on their side-effects

4-7-2016 • Matthews A et al., BMJ 2016
In the 6 months following an intense media coverage of adverse effects of statins, more patients discontinued statin therapy, prescribed as primary or secondary prevention in UK primary care. Read more

Using 5 or more drugs concomitantly increases risk for comorbidity and complications in AF

29-6-2016 • Jaspers Focks J et al., BMJ 2016
In the ARISTOTLE trial population, polypharmacy was common and associated with higher comorbidity, mortality, and higher event rates of thromboembolic complications and major bleeding. Read more
News • 28-6-2016

EPCCS well represented at WONCA congress

Representatives of the EPCCS board organised three well-attended sessions at WONCA Europe 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark, covering topics ranging from heart failure to the pros and cons of statins. Read more

Electronic cigarette smoking exerts unfavourable effect just like tobacco cigarette smoking

21-6-2016 • Vlachopoulos C et al. JACC 2016
Research letter shows that smoking of an electronic cigarette affects BP and aortic stiffness to a similar extent as does tobacco cigarette smoking. Read more

HF diagnosis often unjustified in primary care

20-6-2016 • Valk MJ et al., BJGP 2016
An expert panel that retrospectively identified HF patients according to ESC guidelines could not confirm one-third of the cases that were HF-diagnosed by the general practitioner. Read more

CV event reduction with GLP-1 analogue in patients with type 2 diabetes

16-6-2016 • Marso SP et al., N Engl J Med 2016
ADA 2016 In T2DM patients at high CV risk, liraglutide on top of standard therapy was associated with lower rates of CV events and mortality, compared with placebo in the LEADER outcome trial. Read more

Many AF patients inappropriately on aspirin monotherapy rather than on anticoagulation

1-7-2016 • Hsu JH et al., J Am Coll Cardiol 2016
Approximately one third of AF outpatients at moderate to high risk for stroke treated by a cardiovascular specialist, received aspirin monotherapy, in spite of the lack of data supporting this practice. Read more
News • 28-6-2016

EPCCS signed Mexico Declaration on Circulatory Health

Among many other co-signers, Prof. Richard Hobbs, as chairmain of EPCCS, signed the Mexico Declaration on Circulatory Health, which was published as a letter on the Times online, as an international call to action to tackle one of the most pressing health issues of our time. Read more

Soft drinks increase the risk for coronary atherosclerosis

27-6-2016 • Chun S et al., Am Heart J 2016
In Korean people, higher sugar-sweetened carbonated beverage consumption was associated with asymptomatic coronary atherosclerosis as measured by coronary artery calcium. Read more

Statin treatment effective and safe in very young HeFH subjects

20-6-2016 • Langslet G et al., J Clin Lipidol. 2016
Open-label prospective 3-year study of atorvastatine in HeFH subjects aged 6-15 years showed that treatment was safe, effective and did not affect growth or maturation. Read more

Maternal and pregnancy factors affect risk of future T2DM in women with gestational diabetes

20-6-2016 • Rayanagoudar G et al., Diabetologia 2016
Several maternal and pregnancy factors are associated with a higher risk of developing T2DM in women with gestation diabetes. They can be used for personal risk quantification. Read more
News • 15-6-2016

EHRA practical guide for non-vitamin K antagonist anticoagulants in non-valvular AF patients updated

The European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) published a rewritten, updated version of the previously published (2013) guidelines for NOACs in non-valvular AF patients. Read more

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