Reason to question guideline recommendations regarding sodium restriction in HF patients

25-1-2016 • Doukky R et al., J Am Coll Cardiol HF 2016
In patients with chronic heart failure, low dietary sodium intake (<2,500 mg/d) was associated with increased risk of heart failure hospitalisation. Read more

Selective heart rate slowing worsens exercise capacity in HFpEF patients

16-1-2016 • Pal N et al., Circulation. 2015
Heart rate reduction with ivabradine had a detrimental effect on peak oxygen uptake and on submaximal exercise capacity in patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction Read more

Preventing ASCVD events: which risk assessment strategy to initiate primary prevention is best?

11-1-2016 • Mortensen MB et al., JACC 2015
Clinical performance of risk-based approach for treatment eligibility as primary prevention was better than trial-based or hybrid approaches, while treating fewer individuals. Read more

High risk elderly AF patients benefit from good quality anticoagulation control

21-10-2015 • Senoo K and Lip GYH, Stroke 2015
Elderly patients are at high risk of CV death and stroke/systemic embolism, but age does not increase risk of any clinically relevant bleeding. High TTR negatively correlated with adverse outcomes. Read more

In CVD-free individuals, risk of diabetes increases with elevated blood pressure

7-10-2015 • Emdin CA et al., J Am Coll Cardiol. 2015
Risk of new onset diabetes increased with higher SBP and DBP. Relative risk increase was lower in older people and those with BMI>35, but absolute risk remained substantial in those individuals. Read more
News • 29-9-2015 • Prague, Sept 17-18, 2015

Lively debate at annual EPCCS Clinical Masterclass to yield practical guidance

This year’s EPCCS Meeting dedicated much time to discussion and identifying gaps in the evidence, aimed at composing practical recommendations for CV risk management in general practice. Read more

HFpEF patients benefit from dietary intervention and exercise

18-1-2016 • Kitzman DW et al., JAMA. 2016
A comprehensive caloric restriction and weight loss program with or without exercise training is beneficial for older and obese patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. Read more

What to choose: ACE inhibitors or ARBs to lower CV risk?

13-1-2016 • Bangalore S et al., Mayo Clin Proc. 2016
While ACE inhibitors are associated with a mortality benefit, ARBs exhibit better tolerability, leading to higher adherence. This meta-analysis provides explanatory data that clarify outcome differences in older individual studies. Read more

CV benefit of BP-lowering seen also with low baseline BP and with varying comorbidities

7-1-2016 • Ettehad et al., The Lancet 2015
The beneficial effect of BP-lowering on various CV outcomes, also in individuals with lower baseline systolic BP, was broadly similar among populations with different comorbidities, in a large meta-analysis. Read more
News • 19-10-2015

German AFNET and EHRA lay out roadmap to improve AF management

Many people have undiagnosed and therefore untreated AF, associated with high risk of strokes and death. AFNET and EHRA composed recommendations aimed to improve AF diagnosis and treatment. Read more

Risk prediction with SCORE model not improved by addition HDL-C

6-10-2015 • Mortensen MB et al., Eur Heart J 2015
The newly recommended SCORE-HDL model did not improve discrimination between cases and non-cases in a ‘low-risk’ country, and both models overestimate risk of fatal CVD in this population. Read more
News • 28-9-2015

Next step on the way to approval of first antidote to anticoagulant effect of NOAC

Following accelerated assessment, EMAs CHMP recommends granting a marketing authorisation for idarucizumab, a reversal agent for dabigatran, given its potential to respond to an unmet medical need. Read more

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