News • 23-5-2016

Influenza vaccination associated with fewer hospitalisations in patients with heart failure

ESC HF 2016 Study ends controversy over influenza vaccination in heart failure patients and provides more robust evidence for current recommendations. Read more
News • 22-5-2016

Ten commandments on optimal management of heart failure

ESC HF 2016 At the presentation of the new ESC Heart Failure Guidelines, Professor Ponikowski, Chairperson of the guidelines Task Force, summarised the guidelines as ten commandments. Read more

Statins safely provide maintained survival benefit in long-term follow-up LIPID trial

18-5-2016 • Hague WE et al., Circulation. 2016
In 7721 statin-treated patients who participated the extended follow-up of the LIPID study, a sustained survival benefit was confirmed, without an increase of cancer incidence or non-CV-death. Read more
News • 5-5-2016

Over a million persons died in the EU in one year from a heart attack or a stroke

The EUROSTAT institute of the European Commission, has published data on the number of people who died from heart attack or stroke in the European Union member states in 2013. Read more

Vascular brain injury may be prevented by adherence to AHA ideal CVHealth advice

2-5-2016 • Pase MP et al., Stroke 2016
In the Framingham Heart Study Offspring cohort, adherence to the AHA ideal CVH factors and behaviors, did protect against all forms of vascular brain injury, including dementia. Read more

Dancing good element of cardiac rehabilitation programme by improving lower limb function

20-4-2016 • Vordos Z et al., Eur J CV Nurs 2016
The implementation of a CRP using Greek traditional dances as exercise training in elderly CHF patients was safe and effective at improving lower limb function. Read more
News • 22-5-2016

Exercise in heart failure patients is associated with longer life

ESC HF 2016 Individual patient data meta-analysis ExTraMATCH II shows that all patients benefited regardless of heart failure severity, age and gender. Read more
News • 21-5-2016

New ESC heart failure guidelines include distinct mid-range LVEF category

ESC HF 2016 A new ESC HF guideline was presented at the ESC Heart Failure Congress in Florence, and includes a new definition of HF, and updated treatment algorithms for chronic and acute HF. Read more

Underweight BMI independently predicts mortality post AMI

17-5-2016 • Bucholz EM et al., PLoS Med 2016
In a large cohort of AMI patients, underweight BMI was an important risk factor for mortality, independent of comorbidities, frailty measures, and laboratory markers of nutritional status. Read more

Consuming healthy food may be more important for CV benefit than avoiding less healthy food

4-5-2016 • Stewart et al., Eur Heart J 2016
In a large cohort of high-risk patients with stable CHD, a Mediterranean diet was associated with a lower risk of MACE and all-cause death, while a Western diet score was not associated with MACE. Read more
News • 25-4-2016

Smoking cessation agent neuropsychiatrically safe and with higher quit rates

In the EAGLES study, varenicline did not give more neuropsychiatric adverse events and had higher quit rates than buproprion, nicotine patch or placebo. Read more
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Identifying and treating patients with true hypertension

Richard McManus (Oxford, UK) and Monika Hollander (Utrecht, The Netherlands) discuss which blood pressure measurement method is best to identify true hypertension in primary care and how this should be treated. Read more

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