Risk stratification in diabetic patients can be improved by considering SBP variability

8-6-2017 • Ohkuma T et al., Hypertension 2017
In diabetic patients, the SBP visit-to-visit variability was an independent predictor of vascular complications and death, and improved the predictive ability of traditional risk factors. Read more

Meta-analyses confirms CVD and all-cause mortality benefit of intensive SBP reduction

7-6-2017 • Bundy JD et al., JAMA Cardiol. 2017
A large meta-analysis demonstrated that treating patients to reduce SBP below currently recommended targets was associated with a significantly reduced risk of CVD and all-cause mortality. Read more

Mortality risk metabolic syndrome increased by short sleep duration

31-5-2017 • Fernandez-Mendoza J, et al, 2017
Risk of mortality associated with the metabolic syndrome was significantly higher with objective short sleep duration, particularly in those with high blood pressure and elevated fasting glucose.  Read more

Statins not beneficial for primary prevention in the elderly

24-5-2017 • Han BH, et al, JAMA intern med, 2017
In a secondary analysis of the ALLHAT-LLT trial, mortality and coronary heart disease events were not lower with pravastatin compared to usual care for primary prevention in the elderly.  Read more

Mendelian randomisation shows causal relation adiposity with CHD and T2DM

18-5-2017 • Dale C, et al, Circulation, 2017
Mendelian analysis confirms a causal relationship of both central and general adiposity with the risk of CHD and T2DM, whereas central adiposity was stronger linked to ischemic stroke.  Read more

Guideline adherence physician improves heart failure outcomes

16-5-2017 • Komajda M, Eur J Heart Fail 2017
Good adherence to treatment guidelines, in particular prescription of appropriate classes and doses of medications for heart failure, is associated with improved clinical outcomes.  Read more

Long-term metformin seems to protect against coronary atherosclerosis in prediabetic men

8-6-2017 • Goldberg RB et al., Circulation 2017
In a large Diabetes Prevention Program, men with prediabetes treated with metformin for an average duration of 14 years had lower coronary calcium scores compared with the placebo group. Read more
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Ingredients of effective strategies to stimulate behaviour change

EPCCS 2017 In their summary of the EPCCS session on behaviour change, dr. Monika Hollander and prof. Christi Deaton highlight which techniques to help patients improve risk behaviour can be employed. Read more

Eating more fruit and vegetables associated with less peripheral artery disease

29-5-2017 • Heffron SP et al., ATVB 2017
In a large community-based study, there was an inverse association between F&V consumption and prevalent PAD, suggesting that the increase of F&V consumption may contribute to PAD prevention. Read more

Lean body mass only anthropometric risk factor for atrial fibrillation

23-5-2017 • Fenger-Grøn M, et al, JACC 2017
Compared to 8 other anthropometric risk factors, lean body mass was the predominant and independent anthropometric driver for AF risk. Read more

FORTA classifies all DOACs and warfarin as beneficial for older AF patients

17-5-2017 • Wehling M, et al, Drugs & Aging 2017
Based on FORTA classification, all DOACs and warfarin were classified as beneficial or very beneficial for older AF patients, while there was lack of evidence for other vitamin K antagonists. Read more

Training GPs to treat screen-detected diabetes intensively also benefitted normoglycemic individuals

15-5-2017 • Simmons RK, Diabetologia, 2017
In the ADDITION-Denmark trial, a spillover effect was observed from intensive treatment of screen-detected diabetes with normoglycemic levels on biochemical testing. Read more

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