CVD risk factors enhanced by air pollution and traffic noise

10-8-2017 • Cai Y, et al, Eur Heart J 2017
In two large European cohorts, long-term exposure to road traffic noise and ambient air pollution were significantly associated with increased hsCRP, blood glucose and lipids.  Read more

To estimate an individual’s sodium intake, a single 24-hour urine collection does not suffice

18-7-2017 • Olde Engberink RHG et al., Circulation. 2017
Multiple 24-hour urine collections are needed for reliable estimation of individual sodium intake and the associated CV and renal risk. Read more
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Heart failure diagnosis and management varies substantially across European countries

EPCCS 2017 Dr. Clare Taylor and dr. Arno Hoes discuss the major changes in the latest ESC HF Guidelines and summarise what they learned from the discussion about HF management in different countries. Read more

Causal association BMI and cardio-metabolic disease confirmed by genetic studies

14-7-2017 • Lyall DM, et al, JAMA Cardiol 2017
In a large population-based cohort study, BMI was associated with risk of hypertension, CHD, T2DM, elevated SBP and DBP based on causal mendelian randomization estimates, but not with stroke or pulse rate.  Read more

Decline in sudden death in heart failure over last two decades

11-7-2017 • Shen L, et al, NEJM 2017
A meta-analysis showed that the rate of sudden death in HFrEF patients has fallen over the past two decades, suggesting a cumulative benefit of evidence-based medications on sudden death. Read more

Interrupting sitting with short activity breaks improves postprandial trigyceride levels

10-7-2017 • Homer AR et al., J Clin Lipidol 2017
Measuring a full day after activity, a randomized crossover trail showed that short breaks with activity improve postprandial triglycerides, which is further increased by physical activity. Read more

Risk of atrial fibrillation increased in those who work over 55 hours per week

19-7-2017 • Kivimäki M et al., EHJ 2017
In a large-scale meta-analysis, participants working over 55 h/week were 40% more likely to develop AF compared with those working standard hours, independently of known AF risk factors. Read more

Most active athletics present most frequently with CAC, but have a more beneficial plaque composition

18-7-2017 • Aengevaeren VL, et al, Circulation 2017
Athletics with >2000 MET-min/week had a higher prevalence of CAC and atherosclerotic plaques, but these were more often composed of calcified plaque and not mixed plaques. Read more

Improved hypertension control with quarter-dose combinations of BP-lowering agents

17-7-2017 • Bennett A, et al.
In a meta-analysis, dual quarter-dose combinations of BP-lowering agents were as effective as standard-dose monotherapy, whereas a quadruple quarter-dose combination was twice as efficacious.  Read more

CHD risk reduced by breastfeeding in Chinese women

12-7-2017 • Peters S.A.E, JAHA 2017
In China, where breastfeeding practice is almost universal across the country, parous women who had ever breastfed had a lower risk of CHD compared to parous women who never breastfed.  Read more

Herpes zoster enhances risk of stroke and myocardial infarction

11-7-2017 • Kim M, et al. JACC, 2017
After rigorous adjustment for confounding factors, a propensity scoring analysis of a large Korean cohort revealed increased risk for stroke and myocardial infarction after herpes zoster infection.  Read more

Long-term increased CV risk in mutation-carrying relatives of patients with FH

3-7-2017 • Kjærgaard KA et al., J Am Heart Assoc. 2017
Relatives of individuals with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia carrying LDLR mutations are at increased long-term risk of adverse CV events than non-carrier relatives and a general population cohort. Read more

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