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Summary EPCCS 2010 Hobbs

Prof. Richard Hobbs gives an overview of highlights from EPCCS 2010

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Primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases (Dutch study)

A  cost study in family practices - FREE PUBLICATION ATTACHED Read more

ADDITION-Europe (Denmark/Netherlands/UK)

Diabetes screening and early intensive intervention in general practice - SLIDES ATTACHED
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News • 15-6-2011

EPCCS 2010 Full report

The 3rd Annual Scientific meeting of the EPCCS was held on September 23-24, 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal
Professor Richard Hobbs, Chairman of the European Primary Care Cardiovascular Society (EPCCS), offered a warm welcome to over 400 delegates from across Europe. Read more
News • 1-6-2011

EPCCS 2010 - Should we treat lifetime risk in CVD prevention?

Should we treat lifetime risk in CVD prevention?

‘Coronary heart disease, despite a decrease in mortality over recent years, remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality across the world’, said Dr Peter Lansberg (Amsterdam, Netherlands). It is fifty years since the original work in the Framingham cohort which identified risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD).

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News • 1-6-2011

EPCCS 2010 - Glycemic and blood pressure targets

What should glycaemic and blood pressure targets be?

‘This week we have seen the death of Rosiglitazone’, said Dr Neil Munro ((Esher, UK) after European regulators recommended withdrawal of the drug due to increased concerns about cardiovascular safety. The management of Type II diabetes remains a challenge for primary care physicians. A range of drugs with different mechanisms of action are available to clinicians but what targets of glycaemic control should we be aiming towards? Read more

CVPC: Epidemiological Cardio-Vascular Study in Primary Care (Greek study)

Prevalence of target organ damage in hypertensive subjects attending primary care
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News • 16-7-2011

Cardiovascular Disease in Europe 2008

Coronary heart diseases (CHD) by itself remains the single most common cause of deaths in the EU but the 2008 European cardiovascular disease statistics shows a reduction in the crude number of CHD deaths when compared with the 2005 edition. This reflects a general trend in Western, Northern and Southern European countries, where CHD mortality rates are falling steadily. The situation in some Central and Eastern European countries is very different, with CHD rates rising dramatically. This gradient is more marked for stroke mortality, where the crude number of deaths increased since 2005. Over 200,000 men and nearly 300,000 women die of stroke in the EU every year. Read more
News • 21-6-2011

Prof Christos Lionis

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News • 15-6-2011

EPCCS 2009 Full report

The 2nd Annual Scientific meeting of the EPCCS was held on September 3-4, 2009 in Barcelona, Spain.
Almost 400 health care professionals registered for the 2nd Annual Meeting of the European Primary Care Cardiovascular Society. The meeting took the form of a “clinical master class’ with discussion on key areas of cardiovascular disease of importance to primary care. Read more
News • 1-6-2011

EPCCS 2010 - Biomarkers/CVD risk

Do Cardiac biomarkers or tests add value to CVD risk prediction?

There are multiple biomarkers available in research settings and clinical practice. Measurement of biomarkers can be important to determine cause, aetiology and prognosis in many diseases. In CVD risk prediction, accurate estimation of risk is essential in order to targeting interventions at those who would most benefit. Read more
News • 1-6-2011

EPCCS 2010 - Target HDL/TGs in diabetes

Should HDL and TGs be targeted in diabetes?

‘There is a high incidence of dyslipidaemia in the diabetic population’ Dr Peter Lansberg (Amsterdam, Netherlands) reminded delegates. The MR FIT study showed cholesterol levels were directly proportional to CVD mortality in male patients with diabetes. Low levels of HDL and high levels of triglycerides and LDL is a pattern commonly seen in diabetic patients. Lipids levels appear to have an increased effect on CVD mortality in diabetic compared to non-diabetic patients. Read more

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