News • 31-5-2011

EPCCS 2010 - HF- what's new in diagnosis?

What’s new in diagnosis: Is there a clear diagnostic pathway?

Heart failure can present with non-specific symptoms such as fatigue or reduced exercise tolerance. ‘Patients in primary care are more likely to be elderly with multiple comorbidities and gradual onset of symptoms is more common’, said Dr Frans Rutten (Utrecht, Netherlands). ‘Patients with acute onset breathlessness are more likely to present to the emergency department’. Read more
News • 11-5-2011

Prof Richard Hobbs, intro

Prof. Richard Hobbs
About the EPCCS, and why it is important to become a member

Chairman EPCCS
Chairman of EPCCS Scientific Organising Committee
Professor and Head of Primary Care Clinical Sciences, University of Birmingham, UK


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News • 31-5-2011

EPCCS 2010 - Comorbidities in heart failure

Co-morbidities in heart failure and improving concordance with treatments

‘One in five patients with COPD has unrecognised heart failure and between one in five and one in ten patients with heart failure has COPD’, said Prof Arno Hoes (Utrecht, Netherlands) in describing the challenge of co-morbidities faced by GPs. The prognosis of patients with both heart failure and COPD is significantly worse than with either disease alone. Read more

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