Novel CV risk equation takes into account age and country-specific risk conditions

31-3-2015 • Hajifathalian K et al., Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 2015

Using the Globorisk model suggests a substantially increased prevalence of people at high CV risk in low- and middle-income countries, as compared with high-income countries.

Read more
News • 26-3-2015

EPCCS consensus guidance on stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation (SPAF) in primary care

General practitioners representing various European countries discussed recent developments in the SPAF field, and specific implications for primary care in an expert meeting. This meeting resulted in a practical guidance for European GPs. Read more
News • 23-3-2015

EAS launches initiative to address underdiagnosis and undertreatment of familial hypercholesterolaemia

European Atherosclerosis Society has launched global EAS FH Studies Collaboration (FHSC), which aims to address gaps in FH care and education worldwide, to promote early diagnosis and better treatment.   Read more

Lowering BP beyond guideline recommendations may be beneficial in type 2 diabetes

11-2-2015 • Emdin CA et al., JAMA. 2015
Meta-analysis suggests that lowering blood pressure beyond the often recommended systolic BP of 140 mmHg, to below 130 mmHg may reduce the risk of stroke, retinopathy and albuminuria. Read more

Adverse perinatal outcomes not different between tight or less-tight BP control during pregnancy

5-2-2015 • Magee LA et al., NEJM 2015
Randomised trial shows that risk of adverse perinatal outcomes or serious maternal complications does not differ between tight or less-tight control of maternal hypertension. Read more

Incidence of major bleedings with rivaroxaban in real world similar to trial setting

28-1-2015 • Tamayo S et al., Clin Cardiol 2015
The incidence of major bleeding in patients with NVAF taking rivaroxaban in standard clinical practice was similar to randomised trials. Most bleedings were of gastrointestinal or intracranial origin and fatal bleedings were rare. Read more
Webcast • Amsterdam

​Stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation

Four European Primary Care experts, prof. Richard Hobbs, prof. David Fitzmaurice, Clare Taylor MD and Frans Rutten MD, summarise a fascinating discussion at the stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation expert meeting. Watch
News • 25-3-2015

Statin treatment can reduce hospitalisation for heart failure

Meta-analysis showed 10% fewer hospital admissions for HF in patients treated with statins, a benefit that was not entirely explained by a reduction of heart attacks. Read more

Consensus guidance on management of statin-associated muscle symptoms (SAMS)

19-2-2015 • Stroes ES et al., Eur Heart J 2015
EAS Consensus Panel reviews what is known about mechanism of statin-induced myopathy and gives recommendations to ensure optimal LDL-lowering therapy in patients experiencing SAMS. Read more

LDL-c lowering effect lower when switching from high-efficacy to generic lipid-lowering therapy

9-2-2015 • Cao et al., Clin Ther. 2015
In high-risk CVD patients, an increase of LDL-c and lower LDL-c goal attainment rates were seen when patients switched from simvastatin/ezetimibe or rosuvastatin to simvastatin monotherapy. Read more

More longevity benefit with light than with intensive jogging

2-2-2015 • Schnohr et al., JACC 2015
A U-shaped relationship was found between jogging and mortality, with the lowest mortality seen among light joggers (1-2.4 hours per week, maximum 3 days per week, at a slow or average pace). Read more

Glycaemic control in T2DM patients with renal failure may improve with DPP4-inhibitor

27-1-2015 • Laakso et al., Diabetes Care 2015
In patients with type 2 diabetes and moderate to severe renal impairment, the DPP4-inhibitor linagliptide lowered HbA1c , with an acceptable side-effect profile and without affecting eGFR. Read more

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