Webcast • EPCCS 2014, Brussels

Reducing weight and increasing exercise - is it feasible?

Dr. Ian Campbell (Nottingham, United Kingdom) speaks about weight management for both prevention and treatment of CVD. He discusses the aims and how these may be achieved and sustained.  Watch
News • 19-11-2014

More infectious endocarditis since antibiotics no longer recommended at dental procedures

AHA 2014 Since the introduction of the NICE guideline that antibiotic prophylaxis is no longer needed with dental procedures, the number of cases of infectious endocarditis had strongly increased. Read more
News • 18-11-2014

If anticoagulation and platelet inhibition is too strong for too long, risk of dementia increases

AHA 2014 Patients with atrial fibrillation who had supratherapeutic INR >25% of the time, had a higher risk of dementia, possibly through brain damage due to microbleeds. Read more
News • 17-11-2014

Primary CV prevention with low-dose aspirin was not effective in Japanese elderly

AHA 2014  Daily aspirin 100 mg did not reduce the general risk of atherosclerotic events in elderly Japanese patients with CV risk factors. Read more

In elderly without diabetes, insulin resistance seems no risk factor for vascular outcomes

10-11-2014 • Welsh P et al., Diabetologia. 2014
Insulin resistance and hyperinsulinaemia predispose to diabetes in the elderly, but do not increase the risk of mortality or CVD events. Read more
News • 9-11-2014

Updated AHA/ASA guideline on primary prevention of stroke

This guide gives an update of evidence-based treatment options and stresses the importance of a healthy diet, physical activity and BP control as key components of effective stroke prevention. Read more
Webcast • Amsterdam

​Stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation

Four European Primary Care experts, prof. Richard Hobbs, prof. David Fitzmaurice, Clare Taylor MD and Frans Rutten MD, summarise a fascinating discussion at the stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation expert meeting. Watch
Webcast • EPCCS 2014, Brussels

Diagnosis and management of acute coronary syndromes

Dr. Frans Rutten (Utrecht, The Netherlands) discusses when to suspect ACS and what treatment de GP can initiate before transfer to the hospital, and how secondary prevention should be managed. Watch
News • 17-11-2014

Further lowering LDL-c levels with addition of ezetimibe indeed lowers CV risk beyond statins

AHA 2014 The IMPROVE-IT trial shows that extra LDL-c reduction obtained with ezetimibe, in high-risk patients already on statins, lowers the incidence of future CV events. Read more
Webcast • EPCCS 2014, Brussels

Degenerative valve disease:

Dr. Xavier Borras (Barcelona, Spain) highlights the important role of primary care physicians in adequate selection of patients with degenerative valve disease, to ensure useful valve replacement  procedures. Watch

Statins appear diabetogenic, but benefits outweigh risks

9-11-2014 • Erqou S et al., Diabetologia. 2014
Particularly in patients with type 2 diabetes, statin treatment was associated with a modest increase of HbA1c. Life style modifications may offset this dysglycaemia risk. Read more
News • 5-11-2014

Drug helps obese people to loose weight

The phase 3a SCALE Obesity and Prediabetes trial showed that almost all participants lost weight when treated with liraglutide 3 mg, in combination with diet and exercise. Read more

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