Higher bleeding risk even with brief use of NSAID or aspirin, when on anticoagulation

23-4-2014 • Davidson BL et al., JAMA Intern Med. 2014
A clinically important increase in bleedings was observed in patients treated for VTE, who are simultaneously using anticoagulation and NSAIDs or aspirin. Read more

Metabolic health in obese affects risk of diabetes, but not of incident CVD

20-4-2014 • Hinnouho GM et al., Eur Heart J. 2014
Metabolically healthy obese individuals have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes than the metabolically unhealthy obese, but the metabolically healthy remain at high risk for incident CVD. Read more

Women with heart failure benefit from exercise training

17-4-2014 • Piña IL et al. JACC Heart Fail. 2014
In HF-ACTION, an exercise program plus optimal medical therapy (OMT) was associated with a lower risk of all-cause mortality and hospitalisation than OMT alone, in women, but not men with HF. Read more

Better prognosis for overweight and obese patients with CVD (the "obesity paradox")

10-4-2014 • Lavie CJ, et al. JACC 2014
Overweight and obese patients with CV diseases have a better prognosis than do their leaner counterparts, largely in patients with low fitness. Read more

Prediction of incident CVD is hardly improved by addition of HbA1c to conventional risk factors in non-diabetics

31-3-2014 • The Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration
In adults without a known history of diabetes of CVD, adding information on glycaemic measures does not yield clinically relevant improvement of CVD risk assessment. Read more

Diabetes during pregnancy is a risk factor for subclinical atherosclerosis later in life

20-3-2014 • Gunderson EP et al., J Am Heart Assoc. 2014
Women with a history of GDM had greater carotid artery  IMT, already before the onset of diabetes and the metabolic syndrome, irrespective of pre-pregnancy obesity, race, parity and age. Read more
Webcast • Amsterdam

​Stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation

Four European Primary Care experts, prof. Richard Hobbs, prof. David Fitzmaurice, Clare Taylor MD and Frans Rutten MD, summarise a fascinating discussion at the stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation expert meeting. Watch
News • 20-4-2014

Polypills should play a larger role in secondary prevention of CV disease

Two authors advocate the inclusion of fixed-dose combination therapy in the WHO Model List of Essential Medicins, to improve its access and use, to avoid premature death from CVD. Read more

ACE inhibitors and ARBs differentially affect CV morbidity and mortality in diabetics

15-4-2014 • Cheng J et al., JAMA Intern Med. 2014
Meta-analysis shows that ACEIs and ARBs differentially influence the risk of all-cause mortality, CV deaths and CV events in patients with DM. ACEIs reduce the risk, while ARBs do not. Read more

Control of atherosclerotic plaques improved during last decade

8-4-2014 • Van Lammeren GW et al. Circulation 2014
Over time, less unstable plaques and more frequently stable plaques were found in study of University Medical Center Utrecht. Read more
News • 26-3-2014

Joint British Societies publish new guidelines for CVD prevention: JBS3

The Joint British Societies have published new consensus recommendations for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, with a focus on lifetime CV risk. Read more

Single-patient n-of-1 trials can improve assessment of statin-related myalgia

19-3-2014 • Joy TR et al., Ann Intern Med. 2014
This proof-of-concept study supports the use of n-of-1 trials in motivated patients to identify truly statin-caused myalgia. This study found no clinically significant difference in myalgia between statins and placebo. Read more

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