Cognitive dysfunction in diabetic patients partly explained by hyperglycemia

1-11-2017 • Geijselaers SLC et al., Diabetes Care 2017
Differences in cognitive performance between diabetic patients and individuals with normal glucose levels can be explained by hyperglycemia and by BP-related variables, but not by insulin resistance. Read more

Rationale and effect of targeting IL-1beta to lower inflammation and thereby CV events

31-10-2017 • Libby P. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2017
This review summarizes the rationale to specifically target IL-1beta to lower residual inflammatory risk, now shown to be effective in the CANTOS trial. Other potential targets are also discussed. Read more
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Things to consider when aiming to prevent stroke in a patient with AF

EPCCS 2017 Prof. David Fitzmaurice and dr. Geert-Jan Geersing consider the updates in the latest ESC Guidelines on atrial fibrillation that are most relevant to GPs, including which risk scores can help to optimally manage AF, and which drawbacks the scores have. Read more

Lipid parameters vary depending on age and sex

16-10-2017 • Balder JW et al., J Clin Lipidol. 2017
Based on data of the large Dutch Lifelines cohort, reference values have been developed for lipid parameters. Read more

More atherosclerosis seen in those who skip breakfast

9-10-2017 • Uzhova I et al., J Am Coll Cardiol 2017
Skipping breakfast was associated with a higher risk of non-coronary and generalized atherosclerosis in a sample of asymptomatic individuals in thee prospective PESA study. Read more
News • 4-10-2017

Meditation may help CV risk reduction, according to cautiously formulated AHA Scientific Statement

Based on current evidence – mostly of modest methodological quality – AHA concludes that meditation, given its low costs and low risk, may be an adjunct to conventional CV risk reduction approaches. Read more
News • 1-11-2017

EPCCS Practical Guidance on Heart Failure Diagnosis and Management in Primary Care

Based on the Heart Failure session and discussion during the 8th EPCCS Annual Meeting in Prague, this guidance document was written to help physicians diagnose and manage heart failure in their primary care practice. Read more

Early lipid changes ≥5% during psychotropic therapy as a warning sign of future clinically relevant dyslipidemia

30-10-2017 • Delacrétaz A et al., J Clin Lipidol 2017
These data underscore the importance of prospectively monitoring lipid parameters in all patients starting psychotropic treatment, as these drugs may induce or exacerbate dyslipidemia. Read more

Hypertension in midlife associated with higher risk of dementia in women

18-10-2017 • Gilsanz P et al., Neurology 2017
Although midlife hypertension is more common in men, it was only associated with the risk of dementia in women, suggesting that hypertension is a modifiable risk factor for dementia in women. Read more

More adverse events with generic ARBs compared with branded ARBs

13-10-2017 • Leclerc J et al., Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes 2017
The use of generic ARBs resulted in higher rates of hospitalizations and emergency room consultations, particularly in the first month and with candesartan. Read more

Diabetic patients at high CV risk benefit from intensive BP control

5-10-2017 • Buckley LF et al., Diabetes Care 2017
In a SPRINT-eligible ACCORD-BP population, a high-risk cohort of diabetic patients, intensive BP control at a goal of <120 mmHg, reduced CVD outcomes. Read more

Non-statin LDL-lowering drug plus statin protects against stroke in post-ACS patients

3-10-2017 • Bohula EA et al., Circulation 2017
In the IMPROVE-IT study, the addition of ezetimibe to simvastatin in stabilized post-ACS patients reduced the frequency of ischemic stroke, particularly in patients with a history of prior stroke. Read more

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