News • 26-8-2015

E-health vital to beat CV disease, says ESC

European Society of Cardiology position paper outlines how the ESC will exploit e-health, the use of ICT in healthcare services, in education and research, while tackling issues of quality control and data security. Read more

Self-injectable PCSK9 antibody well accepted by patients and prescribers

24-8-2015 • Roth EM et al., Clin Ther. 2015
Willingness of patients to self-inject and of physicians to prescribe alirocumab using a prefilled pen or syringe was high. Specialists estimated acceptance by patients higher than primary care physicians. Read more
News • 20-8-2015

Primary CV outcomes endpoint met by SGLT2 inhibitor in type 2 diabetes

Empagliflozin added to standard of care, showed superiority over standard of care in the long-term EMPA-REG OUTCOME trial in reducing CV events in a high-risk population with type 2 diabetes. Read more

Good adherence to antihypertensive treatment important to limit hypertension-associated HF risk

17-8-2015 • Corrao G et al. Hypertension 2015
A population-based case control study confirms low adherence to antihypertensive therapy. Improving adherence is important to lower risk of hospitalisation for heart failure. Read more

Cardio-metabolic benefits with standing or stepping instead of sitting

11-8-2015 • Healy GN et al., Eur Heart J. 2015
Replacing sitting time with standing or stepping beneficially impacts glucose and lipid metabolism, at volumes that seem feasible in workplace-setting interventions. Read more

Protection from stroke and ICH with edoxaban vs placebo, aspirin, or aspirin plus clopidogrel

4-8-2015 • Blann AD et al., Thromb Haemost. 2015
Network meta-analysis compared edoxaban with placebo, aspirin alone, or aspirin plus clopidogrel in AF in both clinical trial populations and unselected community populations. Read more
News • 25-8-2015

EPCCS consensus guidance on stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation (SPAF) in primary care

General practitioners representing various European countries discussed recent developments in the SPAF field, and specific implications for primary care in an expert meeting. This meeting resulted in a practical guidance for European GPs. Read more

More CV health risks with industrial trans fats than with saturated fats

23-8-2015 • De Souza RJ et al., BMJ 2015
Meta-analysis of the association between fat intake and CV health reports higher CV morbidity and mortality with increased trans fat intake (mostly industrially produced), but not with saturated fats. Read more

In T2DM patients with CAD, achieving multiple risk factor goals yields more CV benefit

19-8-2015 • Bittner et al, JACC 2015
Patients with T2DM and CHD in whom risk factors were managed with protocol-guided therapy, showed lower risks of CV events and mortality when more risk factors were in control. Read more
News • 13-8-2015

Pre-hospital and early hospital management of acute heart failure

Consensus paper on optimal management of acute heart failure, benefitting from experience of various clinical settings involved, has been produced by three international societies.   Read more
News • 6-8-2015

Online Learning - EPCCS SPAF Consensus Document

PeerVoice Education developed a learning activity about the EPCCS SPAF Consensus Document: "Expert Insights on EPCCS Recommendations for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation: What General Practitioners Need to Know". Read more

Patients with type 2 diabetes should not skip breakfast

30-7-2015 • Jakubowicz et al., Diabetes Care 2015
Eating breakfast is important for patients with type 2 diabetes, because it improves glucose homeostasis throughout the day, and postprandial hyperglycaemia can be prevented. Read more

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