Webcast • EPCCS 2014, Brussels

What's the evidence for BP and lipid targets in diabetes?

EPCCS 2014  In the Primary Care Diabetes Europe Lecture, Prof. Arno Hoes (Utrecht, The Netherlands) considered which target levels are relevant for blood pressure and lipids in diabetes, and which evidence supports them. Watch
News • 9-12-2014

ESC advises heart disease patients to avoid being outside during traffic rush hour

A position paper regards air pollution as a modifiable disease risk factor, and gives recommendations on how exposure to air pollution can be reduced. Read more

Pilates to lower blood pressure

7-12-2014 • Martins-Meneses DT et al., Int J Cardiol. 2014
16 weeks of mat pilates practice improved blood pressure, waist and hip circumference and increased height, flexibility and strength in women who had not engaged in exercise training for over 6 months. Read more
Webcast • EPCCS 2014, Brussels

Debate: should we treat lifetime risk or 10-year risk?

Prof. Richard Hobbs summarises the debate and how it affected the votes of the audience. Dr. Thierry Christiaens and Prof. Arno Hoes here repeat their arguments on why they think we should treat 10-year risk and lifetime risk respectively, and dr. Carlos Brotons makes a case for use of a polypill for those of 55 years and older. Watch
News • 21-11-2014

Cocaine increases risk of heart disease, by disturbing coronary blood flow

AHA 2014  Cocaine use is associated with significant coronary microvascular dysfunction, despite the absence of significant epicardial CAD. This increases the risk of heart disease. Read more
Webcast • EPCCS 2014, Brussels

Reducing weight and increasing exercise - is it feasible?

Dr. Ian Campbell (Nottingham, United Kingdom) speaks about weight management for both prevention and treatment of CVD. He discusses the aims and how these may be achieved and sustained.  Watch
Webcast • Amsterdam

​Stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation

Four European Primary Care experts, prof. Richard Hobbs, prof. David Fitzmaurice, Clare Taylor MD and Frans Rutten MD, summarise a fascinating discussion at the stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation expert meeting. Watch
Webcast • EPCCS 2014, Brussels

CVD and co-morbidities: what are the priorities

EPCCS 2014 Dr. Geert-Jan Geersing (Utrecht, The Netherlands) considers the flipside of the successes that have been made in reducing cardiovascular mortality: multimorbidity. Co-existing conditions affect prognosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Watch

Short nights impair endothelial function

4-12-2014 • Calvin AD et al., J Am Heart Assoc. 2014
Moderate sleep restriction during 8 days in healthy volunteers was associated with a significant impairment in flow-mediated vasodilation. Read more
News • 23-11-2014

Asthma appears to increase the risk of cardiovascular events

AHA 2014 People with asthma had a higher chance of MI or CVD events, irrespective of traditional risk factors and irrespective of treatment. Systemic inflammation is high despite treatment. Read more
Webcast • EPCCS 2014, Brussels

Alcohol as a risk factor for hypertension

Prof. Daniel Duprez (Minnesota, USA) calls alcohol is a much underestimated risk factor for hypertension. He stresses that doctors should discuss reducing alcohol intake with their patients more often, because its effects on blood pressure is reversible. Patients whould be warned that alcohol is actually not as protective as society likes to think. Watch
News • 19-11-2014

More infectious endocarditis since antibiotics no longer recommended at dental procedures

AHA 2014 Since the introduction of the NICE guideline that antibiotic prophylaxis is no longer needed with dental procedures, the number of cases of infectious endocarditis had strongly increased. Read more

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