Primary care-based dietary and lifestyle intervention leads to remission of T2DM

11-12-2017 • Lean MEJ et al., The Lancet 2017
The randomised DIRECT trial evaluated a practical weight management program. On average, weigh reduced by 10 kg and almost half achieved and maintained remission of T2DM at 12 months after starting the intervention. Read more
News • 8-12-2017

Main messages for primary care from the 2016 ESC Guidelines for Cardiovascular Prevention

A summary of the main messages for primary care from the guidelines for Cardiovascular Prevention in clinical practice, released in 2016 by the Sixth Joint Task Force (ESC and other societies). Read more

Higher risk of vascular dementia, but not Alzheimer’s disease, in post-MI patients

4-12-2017 • Sundbøll J et al., Circulation 2017
Patients with a history of MI have a higher risk of vascular dementia, particularly if they additionally have a history of stroke, probably due to common risk factors for both diseases. Read more

Increased mortality risk if initiation of HF therapy is delayed

27-11-2017 • Zaman S et al., Eur J Heart Fail 2017
Deferral of therapy with ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, and aldosterone antagonists for 1 year carries an absolute mortality risk of around 1% per month, which is higher than the mortality risk due to therapy mentioned in patient information leaflets. Read more

Slow self-reported walking pace could be used for risk stratification

22-11-2017 • Yates T et al., Eur Heart J 2017
In the UK Biobank, a slow self-reported walking pace was associated with a higher risk of all-cause and CV mortality in women and men, particularly in those with a low BMI. Read more
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Clinical outcomes and adverse effects comparable across various BP measurement methods in SPRINT

AHA 2017 A lot of variation in BP measurement methods was seen in SPRINT, despite the protocol, but in 3/4 of sites patients were alone at least at some point during the BP reading. Read more
News • 10-12-2017

EPCCS Practical Guidance on Heart Failure Diagnosis and Management in Primary Care

Based on the Heart Failure session and discussion during the 8th EPCCS Annual Meeting in Prague, this guidance document was written to help physicians diagnose and manage heart failure in their primary care practice. Read more
News • 6-12-2017 • EPCCS Council

First EPCCS Council starts off with country presentations on organisation of Primary Care

Sharing details on the organisation of primary CV care in 15 European countries already brought up possible future activities of EPCCS that may help GP’s across Europe to improve CV care. Read more

ESC/EAS statin eligibility in primary prevention may be expanded to high TG levels

29-11-2017 • Madsen CM et al., Eur Heart J 2017
In a large population-based study, high TG levels identified individuals at high CVD risk, who would not be definite eligible for statin treatment according to the 2016 ESC/EAS guidelines. Read more

Lower risk of Parkinson’s Disease seen with statin therapy

27-11-2017 • Poly TN et al., Neuroepidemiology 2017
In a meta-analysis of 13 observational studies, statin use was associated with a modest reduction in the risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease compared with not using statins. Read more

LDL-c lowering for primary prevention at high LDL-c may be initiated without risk assessment, according to WOSCOPS analysis

21-11-2017 • Vallejo-Vaz AJ et al., Circulation 2017
Men with LDL-c levels ≥190 mg/dL without atherosclerotic CVD, have a 2-fold higher risk of major CV events than would be predicted with a risk calculator. Read more
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Good BP measurement depends more on appropriate technique than on absence of staff

AHA 2017 In the SPRINT study, BP was not always measured in absence of a physician or nurse. A posthoc survey investigated whether this affected the findings of the study. Read more

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