Weekend sports may suffice to reduce mortality risk

12-1-2017 • O’Donovan G et al., JAMA Intern Med 2017
In a large analysis of 11 population-based cohorts, different physical activity patterns were associated with reduced risks for all-cause-, CVD-, and cancer mortality. Read more

Lower risk of liver injury hospitalisation with DOACs as compared to warfarin

10-1-2017 • Alonso A et al., Heart. 2017
Dabigatran, rivaroxaban and apixaban users were less often associated with liver injury hospitalisation compared to warfarin and several variables could predict this. Read more

Frequency of off-label dosing of NOACs and its consequences

22-12-2016 • Steinberg BA et al., JACC 2016
Many AF patients on NOAC therapy do not receive recommended doses for stroke prevention, and are at increased risk for CV hospitalisation and all-cause mortality. Read more

CVD risk-associated inflammatory markers increased with smoking heaviness

14-12-2016 • King CC, Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, 2017

Inflammatory markers urinary F2:Cr ratio, myeloperoxidase and WBC counts correlated with smoking heaviness. F2:Cr ratio and WBC reduced after cessation. 

Read more

Young current smokers highest chance of experiencing an acute STEMI

7-12-2016 • Lloyd A, Heart, 2016
Compared to ex- or never-smokers, current smokers had a 3 times higher chance of acute STEMI, and this chance was even higher among the younger. Read more

In 30 seconds, GP stimulated obese individual to lose weight

23-11-2016 • Aveyard P Lancet 2016
A 30 seconds opportunistic intervention by physicians to motivate weight loss in unselected obese patients led to weight loss when combined with supportive systems. Read more
News • 11-1-2017

EPCCS Practical Guidance on Heart Failure Diagnosis and Management in Primary Care

Based on the Heart Failure session and discussion during the 8th EPCCS Annual Meeting in Prague, this guidance document was written to help physicians diagnose and manage heart failure in their primary care practice. Read more

HFpEF patients with diabetes are worse off than are those without diabetes

10-1-2017 • Kristensen SL et al., Circulation 2017
HFpEF patients with diabetes have worse quality of life, higher NT-proBNP levels, more echocardiographic abnormalities and worse outcomes compared with those without diabetes. Read more

Higher risk of developing atrial fibrillation with moderate alcohol consumption

19-12-2016 • Voskoboinik A et al., JACC 2016
The cardioprotective effects attributed to alcohol do not apply to AF, as regular moderate consumption (~7-21 drinks/week), predisposes to AF, with an increase in AF recurrence in those who continue to drink. Read more

Risk of CAD in individuals with genetic risk can be reduced with healthy lifestyle

8-12-2016 • Khera AV, et al, NEJM, 2016
A healthy lifestyle contributed to a substantial risk reduction of CAD in people with low, intermediate or high genetic risk for CAD. Read more

All-cause and CVD mortality reduced with certain sports

7-12-2016 • Oja P, et al, Br J Sports Med, 2016
Motivate individuals to participate certain sports, as swimming, racquet sports and aerobics reduced all-cause and CVD mortality and also cycling reduced all-cause mortality.  Read more

Smokers and never-smokers show only modest differences in cardiovascular risk factors

1-11-2016 • Keto J, et al, Open heart, 2016
Differences in lipid profile, blood pressure and CVD risk score between smokers and never-smokers at the age of 46, were too small to result in clinical impact, but there was also hardly difference between former- and never-smokers  Read more

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